Being a new mom, I am very familiar with how overwhelming it can be trying to prep for a little one. There are the things you need and then there are things you want. It is important to find a balance because babies outgrow things very fast. I have learnt a thing or two since little Krish made his debut so I’ve put together this collection of essentials and favourites to make the experience simpler for all you moms and moms to be. Happy shopping!


Newborn Essentials

Whether you’re pregnant or your little bundle has arrived you’ve probably spent some time deciding just how many rompers, swaddles, bibs, burp cloths you need. I absolutely adore picking out little outfits and cute swaddles for my bub everyday but there is a fine line between fashion and function so here are some of the things that worked for me.


Training the bubs to enjoy the cot isn’t always easy since they love the warmth of being held. It helps to have cozy bedding for the baby that is GOTS certified and looks gorgeous so mumma’s happy too!
Jungle Safari Bedding Set
With Free Personalisation

from Rs. 8,500

Puppy Love Muslin Cozy Blanket
Can be Personalised

Rs. 3,199

Spring Field Infant Pillow
Can be Personalised

Rs. 1,500

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Feeding & Postpartum

There is nothing more magical than that first moment you set eyes on your baby. But not everything post partum is pure magic. Here are some must haves to make your transition into motherhood easier.


Overflowing dustbins, leaky diapers and a constant battle against diaper rash are all part of the motherhood adventure but here are a few products that made my life easier. Just make sure you have all your diapering essentials within reach on your changing table for those late night diaper changes!

Bath & Skincare

There is no scent more addictive than the scent of a baby’s head. If I could bottle it I totally would! Their delicate skin and hair requires special care and attention so I put together some bath and skin care essentials that my bub’s skin loves.

On The Go

Travelling with a baby especially for a first time mum is a daunting expedition but the right gear can really take the edge off. I don’t know when I will be venturing out but I’m prepared for when that time comes.


Every day with a baby is precious because they grow at the speed of light and you really don’t want to miss a second of it. Playtime for me is the best time to bond with my bubs.

Room Decor

I spent a great deal of my pregnancy planning and designing my nursery and I can’t wait to finally move baby in next month! What really makes the space special is the accessories and final touches. Here are some pieces I love and I know you guys will too.


There is nothing more important in life than the memories we make and none can take precedence over the memory’s made with your little one. I plan to keep them all safe and sound.
Hello Baby! First Year Record Book - Animal
Can be Personalised

Rs. 1,800

You Mean The World To Us - Baby Visitor Book
Can be Personalised

Rs. 3,700

All Things Love Memory Box - Celery Green
Can be Personalised

Rs. 5,200 Rs. 4,500

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