The Papier Project

The Dessert Tasting Collection
Gift tags
Set of 12, Can be Personalised

Rs. 850

Boxed set of 12 gift tags (2 designs, 6 gift tags each). Tagging your name on a birthday present couldn't look any prettier than in these macaroon and cupcake inspired gift tags. Every celebration calls for dessert indulgence, with a definite requirement for yummy sugary treats. Set the ball rolling with these fancy gift tags to call out your name and your love for all things delectable.


  • Size: 5.11 inches * 3 inches
  • Lead Time: 7-10 days to dispatch from warehouse
  • Made to order
Disclaimer: Your tag will appear with the exact text that you type in the customization field so please ensure there are no errors. None of the accessories displayed in the pictures are shipped with the product and are purely for decorative purposes only. There will be no returns or exchanges for these products

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