Sandwich Mix Up - Shape Recognition Game

by Chalk and Chuckles

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    The Chef Dog is proud of his silly-i-cious sandwiches that will have everyone drooling. But, just before he has a chance to deliver his order of 6, the monkey has managed his mischief. The sandwiches have come apart. Help the Chef to put them back together in the right combinations in a race to touch, feel and match the sandwiches.

    A fun family game for all ages. Let the 3 year olds play a simple game of matching and opening and closing the sandwiches. Or play a game of memory and let the whole family join the fun in a fast-paced touch and feel game. Players rush to form a complete sandwich by combining their senses of vision & touch. Collect points based on speed, number of complete sandwiches & the number of shapes in each sandwich. The player with the maximum points wins the game. Simple to understand and play.


    • Sandwich Mix-up integrates touch with visual information, building a strong base for spatial reasoning and other visual perceptual skills.
    • A race to touch, feel and match the sandwiches.
      Sturdy sandwiches and the delightful food creations are bound to make you hungry.
    • Sandwiches include photos of real, creative and healthy lunches worth munchin’
    • The game is easily adaptable to varied levels of ability and promotes development in a fun way.

    Recommended Age: 4+ years, 1-5 players

    Contains: 30 MDF Bread Slices, 6 chef hat tokens, Game guide

    Product Details: How to Play

    There are a total of 15 sandwiches in the game. 15 bread slices, which are the top half of the sandwiches, have 1,2 or 3 shaped depressions. In these (thicker) slices, the shape has been punched out. The other 15 slices, which are the bottom half of the sandwiches (the thinner) slices have the punched out shapes affixed to them and appear as a raised structure.

    Spread all the 40 bread slices on the table or on the floor and separate the top and bottom halves.

    • Keep the top half of the sandwiches, which have shapes cut out from them face down.
    • The bottom half of the sandwiches which have the raised shapes must be placed face up and be visible to all the players.
    • Shuffle them around the table so no one knows which halves match. • There is no taking turns in this game; everyone plays together as fast as they can.
    • Announce “Ready, get set go” and grab a top part of a sandwich. Do not turn it over but use your fingers to feel the shapes that have been punched out and create a depression. Pay attention to the number of depressions, their shapes and positions.
    • Look for the bread slice that will match and correctly fit into this slice, completing a sandwich and grabbing a chef hat of the maximum value.
      Continue playing to find more matching pieces to complete the sandwiches.
    • On subsequent turns when you complete a sandwich, you also continue to pick up ‘Chef Hats’ of the highest value.

    Or Play a game of memory or simple matching for the younger players.

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