Quantum Cards
Vegetables (Set 2)

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Trying to get your child to eat vegetables as part of a nutritious diet is an uphill task for any parent. In the odd case, you have a child who loves her/his vegetables, congratulations! In any case, this set of Quantum cards will give you fascinating facts about vegetables that will encourage your kids to eat them frequently.

The Vegetables (Set 2) has the following ten encyclopedic cards:

Fennel, Beet Root, Yellow Pepper, Sweet Potato, Green Zucchini, Celery, Bok Choy, Lettuce Iceberg, Leeks, Cabbage Red

Cards has an illustration or picture on the front and encyclopedic facts about it on the back.                                

About Quantum Cards:

  • What are Quantum Cards Quantum Cards are learning tools aimed at your child’s early brain development. 

  • What are the benefits of using Quantum Cards? Quantum are designed to fulfill two important purposes (i) early sensory development and (ii) accumulation of encyclopedic knowledge.
    The brain grows most rapidly during the first six years of life, and during this time, sensory experiences play a critical role in this process. By using Quantum Cards, your child gets the required visual and auditory stimulus that accelerates their brain development.

  • Who should use Quantum Cards? Quantum Cards are designed for children between the ages of 8 months and 6 years. For maximum effect, they should be used as early as possible, i.e. at the age of 8 months.

  • How to best use Quantum Cards? 

    Following are step-by-step instructions on using Quantum Cards:

    • Take one full set of 10 Quantum Cards.
    • Sit about an arms length (approx. two feet) from your child so that you and your child are facing each other.
    • Place the cards in front of you. Start by enthusiastically introducing the topic, for example “I have some Musical Instruments to show you!”
    • Then, one by one, quickly move the back card to the front and announce its name, for example “piano,” “cello,” “bass drum,” etc. Moving the back card to the front instead of the other way around allows you to look at the name before you present it to your child.
    • Flash through the whole set of ten cards as enthusiastically and quickly as possible. The whole process should take about 15-20 seconds. (Note: If you child is able to speak, allow them to repeat the name after you present it to them. This allows you to check their pronunciation and also helps them remember better).
    • Children love learning quickly and without anxiety, so try to make your sessions very fast, organized, and enthusiastic.
    • Each set should be used three times daily. Make sure you shuffle the cards every time you use them.

Product Details:

  • Each packet includes a total of ten 11 inch x 11 inch encyclopedic cards.

  • On the front side, each Quantum Card has an accurate hand-drawn painting or high-quality photograph isolated on a white background.
    On the back, the card has the name of the object at the top and ten points of encyclopedic information about the object. In addition, there are definitions of key vocabulary words at the bottom of the page.


  • Size: Each card is 11"x11"
  • Boxed set
  • Lead Time: 3-4 days to dispatch from warehouse
Disclaimer: There will be no returns or exchanges for this product.

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